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About Us

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PACIFICA AGRIVET SUPPLIES, INC. was formerly Botica Pacifica, Inc. acquired by Mercury Group of Companies, Inc. in December of 1974. It engaged in distribution, wholesaling and retailing of pharmaceuticals and carried only few of agricultural inputs and veterinary medicines in four outlets in the cities of Davao, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro and Cebu, as its base.

In 1981, Botica Pacifica Inc. re-directed its business from pharmaceutical to agribusiness and likewise opted to change to an appropriate business name, PACIFICA AGRIVET SUPPLIES, INC. or PASI.

PASI now, aside from its strength in wholesaling and retailing of veterinary and agricultural inputs, is also successful in its distribution of the leading fighting cock variants and saleable veterinary medicines in the market. It has its in house brand collectively called “Our Very Own” (OVO) of Hogs and Poultry feeds, named PACIFICA FEEDS, fighting cock grains and concentrates called TOUGH BREED and saleable veterinary medicines which are all toll manufactured.

Presently, PASI has 207 branches all over the Philippines: in Luzon - 32; Mindanao - 62 and in the Visayas - 113 and still envisioned for expansion in all areas where the need of our existence is felt.

PASI has an enduring commitment to its clientele:

" Kumpleto Na, Sigurado Ka Pa "



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