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OVO (Our Very Own) Products

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Used for the treatment and prevention of calcium deficiencies, ostreoporosis; rickets in young animals; blood clotting and milk fever in lactating animals. For the formation of stronger bones.
An excellent nutritional supplement for your fighting cocks, pigeons, parrots, cats, and dogs. An ideal anti-stress formula. Improves eyesight and appetite.
Promotes agility virility, vigor, longevity fertility, and superior slashing power in your animals.
Is extremely powerful and safe for the removal of the most destructive internal parasites found in gamecocks such as Roundworms (Amidostomum, Heterkakis, Ascaris, Capillary worms), Tapeworms (Raellitina, Davainea) and Hookworms. It is also effective in the removal of Roundworms and Tapeworms in Quails and Dogs.

Cyanocobalamin – Vitamin B-12 in one of the factors essential for red blood cells formation & is indicated for the prevention of megaloblastic anemia in your gamecocks, racing pigeons, dogs, cats & hogs. B-12 improves appetite and regulates blood circulation. It catalyses quick muscular reflexes, unsurpassed agility, superior stamina, virility & vigour.


READY MIX It is a complete feed mixture made from high quality grains and gamefowl pellets. This perfect combination ensures complete nutritional requirements for your gamefowl needs for best fighting chance.

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